Army Romance 

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Darkness and Light

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Darkness and Light

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OUT on 29th of January! 
The song harmoniously combines the dark and agressive vibes with a stunning deeply touching melody. It's about a lonely rebellious soul, desperate to find true happiness, lost in a foreign land. By sound this song is close to Ghost, Crematory, Mudvayne with some vibes of Orden Ogan. 

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STORM feat. Urban Breed

OUT on 2nd of October 2020

The Storm is a legendary pirate flagship's song about the battle against a powerful and unbridled storm. 
Will Queen Anne's Revenge be able to win, break through this wild storm? 
The song contains an exciting combination of two great voices - one deep, powerful, harsh voice of our lead vocalist and one of the best heavy metal vocalists, tenor Urban Breed. 
With its extremely modern Metalcore sound and stunning melody, this song must become epic!

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OUT on 27th of November!

This song was named Lullaby because it’s about our duty always to guard dreams of our beloved ones that seem so fragile and delicate.The song surprisingly conveys a combination of furious strength and incredible tenderness. By sound this song is close to Crematory with some vibes of Mudvayne. With a powerful and modern guitar riff and beautiful melody, supported of strings, it fits in greatly with the sound of Heavy Metal and Melodic Metal playlists. 

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Release date 24 july 2020

Aged Spirit

release date 27 December 2019

1. Cynik

2. Angel

3. Storm

4. My God

5. Asgard

6. Last dragon

7. When The Sun Goes Down

8. Silent Rainbow

9. Can Dance Without you

Последний дракон

release date 3 July 2018

Мой Бог

release date 1 March 2018


release date 7 february 2018